Retail Cannabis Vote

June 18, 2024

There will be an Australian Ballot vote on whether to allow the retail sale of cannabis in the Town of Groton.

Voting will take place in the Town Clerk’s Office from 10am to 7pm on June 18, 2024

Absentee ballots may be requested at [email protected] or 802-584-3276 or in person.

Check your voter status or request an absentee ballot at



Act 164 passed in 2020) provides a legal option for Vermont municipalities to permit retail cannabis sales by an opt-in. This requires that the municipality pass a majority vote by Australian ballot at a duly warned and noticed public meeting. This can occur at an annual meeting (e.g. Village or Town Meeting Day) or a special meeting. If the vote does not pass, no retail sales will be allowed. If the vote does pass and a cannabis retailer opens, a municipality can choose to later vote to rescind the vote, but any retailer that opened before the rescission will be allowed to continue operating.

The State Cannabis Control Board has developed proposed rules that provide clarity on the regulation of cannabis operations, as well as guidance for municipalities on cannabis regulation.

The Town can provide local licensing for retail cannabis establishments. This would be similar to the liquor licensing process done today, whereby the Town Selectboard acts as the Liquor Control Board.