Highway Access/Right of Way Permits

When is a Permit Necessary

1) Permits, issued by the Selectboard, are required to develop, construct, regrade or repair any driveway, entrance or approach to a town highway. 19 V.S.A. § 1111

2) Property owners must obtain an access permit when altering landings, loading areas, logging roads and farm roads that intersect a Town of Groton right of way.

3) Logging roads and landings must meet State regulations under the State of Vermont publication Acceptable Management Practices for Maintaining Water Quality on Logging Jobs in Vermont.

4) In addition to the town permit process, you must also consult the town tree warden prior to any action on trees in the town right of way and you must consult 1-888-DIG-SAFE prior to digging in the town right of way.

Application Process

1) Applications may be obtained from the Town Clerk’s office or on this website.

2) Applications are required to have a map attached showing the location of work and distances to nearest driveways or intersection

3) A completed application should be submitted to the Town Clerk approximately a month prior to planned activity.

4) After review and approval, the Selectboard will issue a “Notice of Approval to Proceed”. The property owner or agent shall then notify the Town of Groton a minimum of three days in advance of construction taking place so that the Town has an opportunity to inspect during installation/construction. If you wish to take action on trees in the town right of way, you must obtain permission from the Groton tree warden. If you are digging in the town right of way, you must notify 1-888-DIG-SAFE prior to digging.

5) Upon completion of work, the property owner or agent shall notify the Town Clerk within a reasonable time, not to exceed ten days, that intended work has been completed. After inspection and approval the Selectboard will issue an “Access/Right of Way Permit”.

6) Temporary Permits may be issued by the Selectboard for short-term access to Town right of ways.

7) In addition to any other enforcement powers, the Selectboard may suspend any permit until compliance is obtained. If there is continued use or activity after suspension the Selectboard may physically close driveway or access point if the safety of the highway users is or may be affected.

8) There is a $30.00 recording fee for this permit.


Any questions concerning this process should be directed to the Road Commissioner.