TRAFFIC REGULATION: In order to protect the roadways and monuments, all Groton Cemeteries will be closed to vehicular traffic from Nov. 1 to May 1, unless otherwise authorized by the Cemetery Commissioners.

FLOWERS AND FLAGS: All flowers, natural and artificial, must be removed from the cemeteries by Oct. 1. The flags will remain on the graves until Veteran’s Day in November. Any flowers, plants and flags left in the cemetery may be removed by the maintenance workers.

FOOTINGS: In order to facilitate mowing, all the monuments will be set on a cement foundation with footings which extend four inches outward from the monument.

PLANTINGS: Plantings should be of the low maintenance type that will not grow to a size which will impinge on the surrounding lots. They must be clearly marked in order to protect them. They must be planted between the monuments and not in front or behind the headstones. Please understand that it is extremely difficult to be aware of all the plantings in cemeteries as large as the ones Groton has.

The town cannot be held responsible for plantings set in front or behind monuments as these areas are maintained with a lawn mower. However, the spaces between the monuments are maintained with string trimmers. It is much easier to spot and avoid a planting in these areas than in front and behind the headstones.

BURIALS: The cemetery will be closed for burials from the first snowfall until the ground is fully thawed in the spring, unless specifically authorized by the Cemetery Commission.

Burial vaults will be of concrete.

Lots are for sale starting at $515 for 1 burial plot for Groton residents. Up to 4 Cremation urns can be buried in any 1 plot or 1 casket.
Consult the Town Clerk for more pricing information and prices for non residents.


If you are interested in purchasing a lot in the Groton cemetery, please contact the Town Clerk