Emergency Contacts

Emergency: dial 911 for fire, ambulance or police

Groton Constable:  584-

Vermont State Police:  911  (non-emergency 229-9191)

Forest Fire Warden(Wade Johnson):  584-3628

Game Warden (State Police) 748-3111

Vermont Poison Control: 800-442-6305

Cottage Hospital (Woodsville): 747-9000

Ryegate Small Animal Clinic: 633-3660

Washington Electric Coop: 800-932-5245 (Off hours: 223-7040)

Green Mountain Power Electric: 888-835-4672

FairPoint Telephone Repair: 888-889-9950


911 Address Signs

Each house and building has a 911 street address.  The visibility of signs with these numbers are very important to emergency vehicles responding to calls for assistance.  The numbers should be posted so they are highly visible from the road and can either be placed on the building or on a post at the end of a driveway if the building is not visible from the road.  The numbers should be reflective and a minimum of 3 inches high and 2 1/2 inches wide.  This is important to the ability of emergency response units to respond rapidly.  The 911 addresses were changed in 2004 to enable emergency vehicles to more easily find locations.

Reflective 911 Address Numbers Available

Signs Available from the Groton Fire Department for $15.  Click here to see a sample, and click here for an order form or pick one up in the town clerk's office. Direct any questions to [email protected].

Emergency Notification System available in Vermont as of 10/3/2013