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John Westinghouse

Assistant Assessor

Dorothy Knott

Phone: 802-584-3155

By appointment

Property Owners who move should notify the Assessor’s Office of any change in address.
This helps keep the Grand List current.
Thank you.

Assessors are responsible for determining the value of the real property in town. This is the value the town will use to set a tax rate necessary to raise the money to operate the town in the next year. It is the basis for the determination of the property wealth of the municipality for purposes of setting state education property taxes.

Whenever Assessors alter a valuation, they must notify the affected taxpayer of the changes and of their right to a hearing to appeal the Assessors initial decision. 32 V.S.A. §§ 4111, 4221.

Under provisions of Act 60, Assessors must calculate the value of the "housesite" (that is, a house, attached garage, and two acres) separately for each property.  The above plus the rest of the land property is considered a "homestead".  Assessors may, with the approval of the Selectboard, or by vote of the town, employ expert assistance. 32 V.S.A. § 4041.


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