Community and Economic Development Committee

Kitty Diggins

Brent Smith

Carrie Peters

Deborah Jurist (Selectboard Rep)

Lisa Hart (Chair/Secretary)

Brent Abare

Mark Gleicher

Erik Volk

Aaron Smith


This committee is appointed by the Selectboard to focus on the Community and Economic Development.  It succeeds the Community Building Committee. This committee  looks at managing all of the Towns buildings, facilities and structures and assisting the department heads in establishing a Capital Investment plan to help manage their budgets for the maintenance and upkeep. Departments/Committees send letters nominating a member of their department/committee to the Select Board. Building Committee members wishing to be members of the new committee will submit letters of interest to the Select Board to be “members at large”. This committee meets on the 1st Monday of each month at 6:30pm in the Town Treasurer’s office.


Meeting Minutes

2014: 8/12 8/26

2015: 5/28 7/14 9/08 10/13 11/10 12/08

2016: 1/12 03/07 04/04 05/02 06/06 07/11

2017: 02/06 05/01 06/05 0717 08/07 09/11 10/16 11/06 12/04

2018: 02/05 03/19 04/02 06/04 07/02