Groton Cemetery Commission

Aaron Smith (chairperson)

Tony Dennis

Mark Shallberg

Sexton Aaron Smith - arranges burials and manages paperwork

The expertise of our local granite workers is evident in all the cemeteries in Groton. From the tiny Gray family plot on Glover Rd., (where Dominicus Gray was buried situated so that he could view his house as he rose to heaven), to the grave site of the "sleeping sentinel" in west Groton, our town cemeteries are beautiful and peaceful places where a person can contemplate and remember Grotonís people and history.

Groton Cemetery Commissioners: Responsible for upkeep of grounds and monuments, water supply and maintenance projects, rules and guidelines and pricing of cemetery lots.

Did you know?

         It takes two people aprox. 8 full hours to mow and weed wack the Groton Cemeteries.  

         Several years ago one of the cast iron water fountains was stolen from the cemetery but was returned by an antique dealer months later.  

         Groton has a brand new 7 acre piece of land off Park St. which was purchased for a new cemetery. The entrance to it is off the old railroad bed. It is a very peaceful, and beautiful piece of land bordered by the Wells River.


Meeting Minutes

2015: 06/29


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Additional Pictures of the Groton Cemeteries: