Winter Recreation In and Around

Groton & Groton State Forest


Groton is one of the top places in Vermont for snow fall amounts.  Consequently it is an ideal location for winter recreation with the exception of  downhill skiing.  There are many miles of trails throughout the forest.  The state parks are closed, but they can still be used as described below.


"Off Season Use at Vermont State Parks
Vermont’s 52 State Parks have operating seasons that range from April through October, and when they’re not in “operating” mode, visitors can still enjoy what parks have to offer. "It's a misconception that you're not supposed to enter state park land when the parks aren't operating," said the Chief of Park Operations, Craig Whipple. "This land belongs to the people of the State of Vermont, they can recreate here any time they wish! During the operating season, we charge a fee for facilities. In the off-season there is no staff and facilities are closed, but people are still welcome to enjoy the parks.


"Tips for Enjoying your Off-Season State Park Visit

Parking can be a challenge in the winter when snow banks limit parking to the plowed areas.  There are several parking lots that are plowed: Boulder Beach, Kettle Pond, the Nature Center and The Northern parking area almost across from the New Discovery State Park on VT Route 232.


Bed & Breakfast  Seyon Lodge, with groomed snowshoeing and cross country skiing trails, is open throughout the winter.


Snowshoeing/ Cross Country Skiing/Walking  This can be done on almost all of the Forest Trails and most are beautiful wooded trails.  The most used locations are as follows. See the Groton State Forest Map and Trail Descriptions.


Ice Skating  The Boulder Beach parking lot is plowed so that when the snow cover permits, Lake Groton can be excellent skating.  There is also a small skating rink at the Blue Mountain School which has been created by flooding their tennis courts.  This has become quite popular.


Web Cam  The Buckaroos of 302, Groton's snowmobile club, has installed a web cam (camera) at the Upper Valley Grill to give out of town snowmobilers a real time glimpse of the conditions in Groton.  Go to the Buckaroo's home page and give it a try!


Ice Fishing  The Boulder Beach parking lot is plowed, providing easy access to Lake Groton.  Also the Kettle Pond day use parking area is plowed. Fishing licenses can be purchased year round at the Upper Valley Grill at the junction of routes VT 232 and US 302.


Camping  Off-season camping (including winter camping) is allowed at all state parks with the permission of the parks regional manager (state park rules).  If you plan an overnight adventure and wish to use park campsites or lean-tos, be sure to obtain permission first from the Department of Forests and Parks (Barre office: 802-476-0170). 



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