Cross Vermont Trail 


Bicycle Excursions

Ryegate to Groton

Kettle Pond to Marshfield Pond


The Cross Vermont Trail, when complete, will span the state from Burlington to Newbury, crossing through 17 communities and providing direct, on and off-road links between 10 village centers, 10 state parks and recreation areas, and at least 10 schools.  The Trail will utilize old rail beds, new trails, class 4 roads, and existing roads as necessary.   The challenges are in obtaining the necessary permissions to cross private property, and the construction of new trail segments where necessary.    Of the 10 towns the 75 mile long trail crosses, Groton with 10 miles has the longest segment and Groton State Forest is a major highlight of the Trail. The route through Groton is on the abandoned bed of the Montpelier & Wells River Railroad.   At an average gradient of less that 2%, the CVT is definitely accessible to people with disabilities.  Whereas many long distance trails in the Eastern US tend to follow mountain ranges, the CVT in general follows rail beds and provides users with a very different experience than that found on many trails.  To see maps of the trail, click here.   If using bikes, one definitely should use one with off-road tires.


Permitted uses: include hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.  Winter users yield to snowmobiles; summer users yield to horseback riders.


The CVT can be easily accessed at many points where there is ample parking.  These parking areas include within the State Forest: the snowmobile parking at New Discovery, Kettle Pond,  the Nature Center and Ricker's Pond Campground.  Just east of Groton, Trail users can park at the Mills Memorial Field in South Ryegate.


Cross Vermont Trail Maps: See Map #3 Groton (Wilson Dr) to Marshfield Village (Rte 2) (12.74 miles) for the trail through Groton State Forest.







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