Camping in Groton

& Groton State Forest


The State Parks and Forest provide a variety of types of camping, including RV, tent, cabin, cottage, lean-to, remote, and primitive.  An overview of the state parks can be found in State Parks within Groton State Forest, and details on the types of camping available at each state park is provided at the Vermont State Parks web site.  Reservations are typically required for holiday weekends and the busy parts of the summer.


Off-season camping (including winter camping) is allowed at all state parks with the permission of the parks regional manager (state park rules).  If you plan an overnight adventure and wish to use park campsites or lean-tos, be sure to obtain permission first from the Department of Forests and Parks (Barre office: 802-476-0170). 


Remote Camping is available in Groton State Forest and there are a number of remote lean-to sites in the Osmore Pond and Kettle Pond areas.  For more information, including a map of the remote sites, see the brochure entitled Remote Camping in Groton State ForestSee also the article Remote Camping.


Primitive camping is available for free in much of Groton Forest, excluding the Ricker Pond Great Laurel Colony, Peacham Bog, Lords Hill Natural Area, and the Silver Ledge Heron Rookery. A special use permit is required for groups to primitive camp.  Those who want to undertake the challenge of primitive camping must follow the primitive camping practices outlined in the Department of Forest and Parks brochure entitled Vermont Guide to Primitive Camping on State Lands which can be obtained at the Department of Forest and Parks contacts web site or by calling 888-409-7579.


Private Campground There is also a private campground nearby.  The Groton Forest Road Campground is in Marshfield. (802)426-4122.


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