Canoeing, kayaking, and Boating

 in Groton & Groton State Forest


Please Help

Keep the waters of Groton State Forest Milfoil Free by washing and inspecting your boat, canoe or kayak and gear before launching when coming from another body of water.  Remove any vegetation and dispose of in a garbage can. Thank you!

Loons and Loon chicks are typically present on Kettle, Peacham and Groton Ponds.  Please observe them from a distance.   Thanks!

Above signs are used to mark loon nesting areas.

Public access is available to most of lakes and ponds in Groton State Forest and these are described in Ponds and Lakes of Groton State Forest.  These descriptions contain information about boating and boat launches on the various ponds.


Rentals  Kayak and canoe rentals are available at Boulder Beach State Park on Lake Groton.  Canoe and paddleboat rentals are available at Stillwater and Ricker Pond State Parks for campers at those parks.  Rowboat and canoes may also be rented from the New Discovery State Park for use on Osmore Pond.


Visibility on Groton and Peacham Ponds  When canoeing or kayaking on these waters, because of the need to be visible to power boats operators, be sure to wear highly visible hats and clothes.


Connecticut River access:  The Connecticut River which is the border between Vermont and New Hampshire is a great place for river cruising although conditions vary.  There are public boat launches in Wells River, Newbury and Bradford.   For maps and information about the river, see the Connecticut River Joint Commissions site.   


Nearby Power Boat launches:  Vermont Fish and Wildlife Access Areas for public boat launches can be found at Peacham Pond, Martin's Pond, Harvey's Lake, Joe's Pond, and the Marshfield Reservoir.




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