Biking In and Around

Groton and Groton State Forest


Trails available for mountain biking include all Groton State Forest gravel-surfaced roads, the Montpelier-Wells River Rail Trail (Cross Vermont Trail),  state park roads outside of the regular operating season, and other roads and trails specifically designated for use by mountain bikes.  Parking areas within the State Forest include the northern parking area across from New Discovery State Park, Kettle Pond Day Use parking area, the Groton Nature Center parking area, the Overlook, and the public cartop boat launch at the southern end of Ricker Pond.

Bicycle touring groups travel VT Route 232, often staying overnight at one of the various campgrounds along the way.

The most popular bike trail in Groton is the Montpelier-Wells River Rail Trail (the Cross Vermont Trail).  For a description of that trail as well as documented bicycle excursions in the area, click here.  The Cross Vermont Trail is easily accessible from either parking areas mentioned above, or from the State Park Camping areas. 


Recreation Overview

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