Groton Volunteer Fire Department

Emergency Dispatch Phone: 911
Business Phone: 802-584-3855

 About Groton Volunteer Fire Department:


  New Truck as of Spring 2016

Groton Vol. Fire Dept. proudly protects 846 people living in an area of 54 square miles. We operate out of 1 station that protects a primarily residential area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status.

We are a rural volunteer department in the southwest corner of the north east kingdom of Vermont. Our service area includes one of the largest state parks in Vermont.

Active Members of the Groton Fire Department

Bruleigh, Charles
Cochran, Jake
Curtis, Ryan
Darling, Jeremy
Johnson, Wade, Ass't Chief & Forest Fire Warden
Joy, Carrol LT
Keough, Katelynn
Lavertu, Scott
Lorenro, Joe
Lakin, Charlie
Palmer, Lynne,  Treasurer, Auxiliary
Palmer, Phillip
Palmer, Tonya
Rood, Jordan
Smith, Brent, Pres.
Stetson, Shaun LT
Avery, Dan LT
Carle, Justin, Asst Forest Fire Warden
Curtis, Derrick
Donley, Nate
Doscinski, Leonard
Knott, Dorothy, Dispatcher, Chief's Clerk, Driver
Knott, Henry LT
Knott, Wayne, Fire Chief
Lapham, Frank
McDonnell, Kevin


Downing, Jim
Lamberton, Milt
Lamberton, Gary
Kane, Bill
Hollstein, Carl
Hollstein, Kaleb
Powers, Craig
Eastman, Buzzy

Recruitment information

Our members are certified firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians.  Money to operate the fire department comes from tax dollars. We operate an engine, a tanker, and a rescue vehicle.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Groton Volunteer Fire Department please join us at one of our Tuesday night meetings and training sessions.

Prospective members must be:

18 years of age or older (16 for a junior membership)

living or working full-time in the town of Groton

in good standing in the community

If you're interested in helping in any way, we'd like to talk with you.  Additional information can be obtained from Chief Wayne Knott.