FAST Squad

Did you ever wonder whatFAST Squad stands for?
Itís the First Aid Stabilization Team.

The Groton/Ryegate FAST Squad has been in service for many years and consists of volunteer members.  The Squad includes Emergency Medical Technicians certified from the Basic Level through the Paramedic level.This squad was the first FAST squad in the state to meet Vermont Paramedic Protocols.

Members are expected to participate in training and business meetings held each month.

The FAST Squad holds an annual community CPR course. The FAST Squad also participates in numerous community-oriented services and programs.

We encourage anyone who might be interested in joining the FAST Squad to email Wayne Knott at or call him at 802-584-3855.


Active Members of the FAST Squad

Avery, Dan LT
Curtis, Derrick, EMT in training
Donley, Nate, EMT
Doscinski, Leonard, EMT
Knott, Dorothy, Dispatcher, Chief's Clerk, Driver
Knott, Henry, EMT & LT
Knott, Wayne, Head of Service- FAST
Lapham, Frank
McDonnell, Kevin
Achilles, Andy, EMT A
Bouffard, Jon, Paramedic
Colby, Lily, EMT in Training
Mitchell, Leslie, EMT
Walker, Jon, Paramedic
Walls, Josh, EMT in Training

 Groton is a member of Vermont Emergency Medical Service District #5which services the Northeast Kingdom.