In and Around Groton Business Directory

as of  October 2018


Auto Body Repair

Darling Auto Repair, Inc., 584-3273 or 584-4773


Automotive Repair

Darling Auto Repair, Inc., 584-3273 or 584-4773

Groton Garage, Tim Spooner, 584-3841

Groton Tire & Auto, Troy Oliver, 584-3750



Cakes by Blenda, 584-3722

Lily B’s Cupcakes, Catherine McLure, 584-3217

Vermont Cakes, 584-3437

Nana’s Kitchen, 584-3310

Rusted Feather, 802-222-0543



Wells River Savings Bank, 757-2361 


Bed & Breakfast

                        Groton Forest Retreat on airbnb (3 Bedroom Vacation Suite)

Seyon Ranch, 584-3829


Bee Equipment

Artesano, Mark Simakaski, 584-3519



Butlers Forge, Frank Lapham, 588-2112 


Boat & Canoe Repair

Groton Quad, Wayne Knott, 584-3243



Groton Forest Road Campgrounds, 426-4122

New Discovery/Kettle Pond State Parks, 426-3042

Ricker Pond State Park, 584-3821

Stillwater State Park, 584-3822


Cleaning Service

Rest and Relax, Rita Ames, 584-4862



Buddy the Clown, Daniel Jolley, 584-4695


Coffee Shop

My Farmers Market, 584-9900

Upper Valley Grill, 584-3101




Blue Mountain Trucking & Excavating, 584-3118

Bob Demers, Residential Building and Remodeling, 584-3825

Coldwater Brook Construction, Dana Smith, 584-4576

Frost Builders, Charlie Frost, 584-3310

Frank’s Construction, Frank Page, 584-3736

Gourdeau Roofing and General Construction, Ray Gourdeau, 584-4787

Groton Timberworks, Nathan Puffer, 584-4446

Harold’s Custom Carpentry, Harold Hatch, 584-3816

LG Page Roofing, Gregg Gandin, 584-3212

Mark Shallberg, 584-3283

Northeastern Log Homes, 584-3336

Puffer Excavating, Matt Puffer, 584-3905

Quality Roofing & Siding, Michael Kennedy, 461-5078

R. Farquharson Construction, 584-3025

Ricker Builders, Kevin and Kenneth Ricker, 584-3372 or 584-3236

Terry Dana, General Contractor & Excavating, 584-3756

Willow Lane Construction, Steve Schaefer, 584-4092



Avon, Cheryl Walton,  584-3556

Mary Kay, Lisa Hart, 584-3936



A Personal Touch Handmade Craft Shop, 584-3188

Erin’s Creations, Jewelry & Jewelry Repair, 584-3218

The Red Tea Kettle, 584-3355



Sullivan Wood and Glass Specialty, Linda Sullivan, 584-3188


Crane Service

Cassidy Crane Service, Bill Cassidy, 584-3496


Custom Woodturning & Lessons

Montague Custom Turning and Teaching, Richard Montague, 584-3486


Daycare Services

Kids Palace Family Daycare, Cindy Houghton, 584-4284

Play and Learn Childcare, Sarah Dennis, 584-3110



Beck Electric, Richard Beck, 584-3138

Breann Electric, Brent Smith, 584-3765


Electric Companies

Green Mountain Power, 888-835-4672

Washington Electric, 800-932-5245



Clowns, The Jolley Family, 584-4695


Equipment Repair

B&T Equipment Repair, Kelly Bogie, 584-3171

                        Catamount Forest Products, Larry Daniels, 584-3218


Family Farms

Stanley and Barbara Crown

Russell and Martha Crown

Pine Mountain View Farm, Robert and Linda Farquharson

Kenneth and Barbara Murray

Stuart and Carrie Vaughan


Farmers Market

My Farmers Market, 584-9900



Jolley’s Financial, Kingdom Financial Principles,  Gene Jolley, 877-341-3586

Modern Woodmen of America, Stewart Gates, 584-4440



Fire Equipment Sales

Groton Quad, Wayne Knott, 584-3243



Groton Quad, Wayne Knott, 584-3243



Upper Valley Grill, Bill Kane, 584-3101



Artesano, Mark Simakaski, 584-9000

The Red Tea Kettle, 584-3355



Upper Valley Grill, Bill Kane, 584-3101

The Forest Country Store, 584-4899 (summer)

My Farmers Market, 584-9900



Groton Town Government

            Town Clerk, 584-3276

          Town Garage, 584-3209

          Town Listers, 584-3155

          Town Treasurer, 584-3131

          Fire Department, 584-3202

          Forest Fire Warden, 584-3628

1st Constable, Jim Downing, 584-3211

          Animal Control Officer, 439-6877

          Groton Public Library, 584-3358

          Zoning Administrator, 584-4284


Hair Care

T&T Hair, Tuesday Bryant, 584-4900



Dave’s Home Services, Dave Sanville, 584-3948


Heating Fuel & Oil Burner Service

Dead River, N. Haverhill, NH 603-787-6118

W.E. Jock Oil., Inc, Wells River, VT, 802-757-2163

Perry’s Oil Service, Bradford, VT 802-222-9211

William Nunn, Ryegate, 802-291-1999 (oil burner service)



Artesano, Mark Simakaski, 584-9000


Honey Wine (Mead)

Artesano, Mark Simakaski, 584-9000


Horse Rescue

Wells River Equine Rescue, Dawn Pinette, 584-3921


Ice Cream

Artesano, 584-9000 (summer)

The Forest Country Store, 584-4899 (summer)

Upper Valley Grill, Bill Kane, 584-3101



Seyon Lodge, 584-3829



Modern Woodman of America, Stewart Gates, 584-4440



Darling Designs Landscaping, Stacy Slayton, 584-4243


Lawn Care/Property Maintenance

Bliss Lawn Care and Welding, Donald Bliss, 585-3505

J&S Home and Property Maintenance, 584-3120

John’s Yard Service, 584-3205     

Jon’s Mowing, 584-3768

Small engine, rotilling & Brush hogging, Alan Thompson, 584-3233

Winget Lawn Care, 584-3952



Groton Public Library, 584-3358



Buzz Emerson, 584-3287

Terry Dana, 584-3756

Peter Musty, 584-3176



Dorr Manufacturing, Robert Dorr, 584-3359

Eastman Trophy, David Eastman, 584-4420

Gandin Bros., Butch and Judy Gandin, 584-3832


Maple Syrup Producers

Frank Page/Gregg Gandin, 584-3736 or 584-3212

Steven & Sue Murray, 584-4569


Massage Therapy

Able Body & Mind Massage, Anne Gallagher, 584-4213


Memorial Stone Maintenance

Gandin Lettering and Cleaning, Butch Gandin, 584-3832



Katherine Bramhall, 802-279-3158



See Bed & Breakfast above.  Or for motels/hotels in neighboring towns,

see the Yahoo Yellow Pages for Motels for zip code 05046.

Fairbanks Inn - St. Johnsbury, 748-5666



Wisdom Stoves, Nathan Puffer, 584-4446

Oil Burner Service

Dead River, N. Haverhill, NH 603-787-6118

W.E. Jock Oil., Inc, Wells River, VT, 802-757-2163

Perry’s Oil Service, Bradford, VT 802-222-9211

William Nunn, E. Ryegate, VT 802-291-1999



Arthur Fortunati Painting, Arthur Fortunati, 584-3889

Matt’s Painting and Odd Jobs, Mathew Nunn, 584-3881, 584-3979

Perkins Painting, Tony Perkins, 584-3161


Pet Care

Grooming: Jo Anne K. Locke-Dupuis, 439-5134

Newbury Veterinary Clinic, 866-5354

Ryegate Small Animal Clinic, 633-3660



Postcards and Note cards, Diane Frost, 584-3310



Mountain Man Pizza, 584-9900



Powers Plumbing and Heating, Craig and Brenda Powers, 584-3386


Post Office

Groton Post Office, 584-3479



Mountaine Meadows Pottery, Deborah Jurist, 584-3164


Powder Coating

Xtreme PowderCoating, 584-4787



Upper Valley Grill, Bill Kane, 584-3101


Rubbish Removal

DNLS Refuse, 429-2208

Pete’s Rubbish Removal, N. Haverhill, 787-2400


Salvage (Auto and Metal)

McGoff Salvage, Orford, NH,  (603) 353-4835  (free car pickup)

Stockleys Salvage, Lisbon, NH, (603)838-2860  (free car pickup)


Septic Systems

B & B Septic, Danville, VT 802-748-9858/Toll Free 1-888-748-9858

Boudreault Septic, LLC, N. Haverhill, NH 603-787-6351



Blue Mountain Union, 757-2711


Skincare Products

Mary Kay Consultant, Lisa Hart, 584-3936



Groton Self Storage, 757-3757 or 333-9507      


Tae Kwon Do

Susan Barber, (802)-439-6493



Peter Baker, 584-3870

Andrew Gandin, 584-3212


Telephone Company

Fairpoint New England, 800-400-5568


Timber Salvage

Groton Quad, Wayne Knott, 584-3243



Darling’s Auto Repair, Inc., 584-3273 or 584-3670 or 584-4773



Blue Mountain Trucking & Excavating, 584-3118

Grant Trucking Co., 584-3153


Tutoring Service

Amanda Gilman, 584 - 3394



Fits Like a Glove, Ellie Leach, 584-4083

Donna Longmore, 522-1337



            State Police, Bradford, 222-4680

          State Police, St. Johnsbury, 748-3111

          State Highway Garage, Wells River, 757-3447


Veterinary Medicine

Ryegate Small Animal Clinic, 633-3660

Newbury Veterinary Clinic, 866-5354


Waste Management

Pete’s Rubbish Removal, Inc, N. Haverhill, NH, 603-787-2400

Casella Waste Management, 1-800-227-7045/ 802-223-7045

TimberWolf Rubbish Removal, N. Haverhill, NH, 603-747-3974



Brian Matott, 584-3084

Welding, Alan Thompson, 584-3233

Dave Boyce Welding, David Boyce, 522-2047



This directory lists those businesses known to the Groton web site team, plus those businesses in neighboring towns which have asked to be included.  The Directory information will be verified periodically.


Requests for additions, deletions and/or corrections to the above directory can be made through the use of email (click here) or by notifying the Town Clerk in writing.