1st Annual Groton State Forest Fall Foliage Race

5K and 10K

Sunday, Sept. 18th at 1:00 PM backcountry racers gathered from around New England at Groton State Forest's Ricker Campground to run Groton’s 1st annual  5K and 10K Fall Foliage Race.  The threat of rain was no bar to this group of dedicated aficionados and the day turned out to be perfect fall weather for a brisk 10K run.  23 contestants registered.  Racers from 8 to 52 were represented and cross country teams from BMU and Thetford competed. Groton Fire Department and FAST squad were on hand to handle the vital job of controlling traffic along Rt. 232 and to handle any emergencies.

10K winners                           Age category 1st place for 10K

Dhyan Nirmegh - 52 years old.   Time - 44:44                   Up to 18 - Tyler Mackay / 1:01:57

Maurine Eaton - 40 years old.     Time - 46:42                  19-29   Kristi Petrochko / 1:10:38

                                                                                    30-39   Laurie Huntington / 54:47

                                                                                    40-49   Maria Cimonetti / 46:44

                                                                                    Anthony Sgherza / 48:30

                                                                                    50 +    Ron Phillips / 1:03:46


 5K Winners                           Age category 1st place for 5K

Leon Odell - 31   Time:   19:33                                         To 18   Nick Copper   25:34

Sara Martel - 37  Time:   26:22                                        19-29   Todd Powers   38:24

                                                                                    30-39   Leo Cota   32:18

                                                                                    40-49   Joe Deffner   25:29

                                                                                    50+   Donna Babic   27:30

 Age group categories were 18 and under, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 and over, both male and female. Refreshments of bagels, fruit, water and apple cider were provided.  The race was organized by the Groton Recreation Committee and proceeds will go toward playground equipment and community activities.   Vermont State Forest, Parks and Recreation and Carts Vermont donated the prizes for the overall 1st prize winners in both the 5K and 10K.  Thanks go to them and the many local sponsors that helped make the race a great success.

 Sponsors: Vermont Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation, Carts Vermont, Mountaine Meadows Pottery, Modern Woodsmen, Upper Valley Grill, Merchants Bank, Wells River Bank, Jailbranch Greenhouse, Barre Books, The Melting Pot,             Vermont Flower Farm, Dosha, Amanda’s GH, Party Store, Hunger Mt Coop, Buch Spieler, The Mountain Café, Capital Grounds, Bear Pond Books, Brown’ Bistro, Trailside, Vermont Pure Water, Crum’s Maple Syrup, Buckaroos / VAST, Shaw’s Supermarket.

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