Halloween  2005

On October 30th, over 50 children and their parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors enjoyed the third annual Halloween Party sponsored by the Groton Free Public Library and Modern Woodmen of America. The event took place from 3:00 to 4:30 PM at the Groton Community Gym. The children took part in many fun activities including a treasure hunt, Halloween twister, toss the ghost, pin the mouth on the ghost, roll the ball, make a marshmallow skeleton, and others. Many thanks to the Groton Community Club and Modern Woodmen for funding the event. Additional thanks to Angeline and Brian at Alley’s Market and Bill Kane at The Upper Valley Grill for contributing refreshments. Additional volunteers included Jessie Johnson, Corah Beardsley, Jon Beardsley, Debra Tinkham, Laurine Grant, Chris Stock, Sandy Bedard, Adrian Bedard, Gedeon Desroches, Stella O’Donnell-Leach, Shane O’Donnell-Leach, David O’Donnell-Leach, Lisa Hart, Steve Hart, Robin Edwards, Mark Edwards, Henry Knott, Wayne Knott, Emily Darling, Tanya Cozadd, Caitlyn Cozadd, Lynia Cozadd, Brieanna Gourdeau, Flo Dorr, Julie Baker, Alannah Farley, Barbarann Bean, Diane Kreis, Ashley Downing, Nancy Spencer, Virginia Jennings, Mikayla Perkins, Dottie Perkins, and Elroy Towle. Thanks to one and all, the kids really seemed to have a good time!


Collage by Robin Edwards.