Fall Foliage Festival 2005

The occasion, including the 50th Chicken Pie supper,  was enjoyed by all.  



The chicken pie raffle quilt made by Sue Murray raised $560, all the tickets were sold during the day at various Fall Foliage Festival Day events. Three hundred and sixty of those dollars will be donated to the BMU Senior Class Scholarship Fund from the Groton Community Club.  The winner of the quilt was Cindy Hall of Lyndon Ctr.



Kevin King, home for a two week leave of absence from Iraq, was home just in time to appear in his home town parade. He is pictured below with his mother, Kathy, and sister, Kelli.  His nephew Alex proudly mimicked his uncle in uniform.



A Photo Album of some events and people of the day can be seen by clicking here.


First Annual Fall Foliage Photo Contest

First Place Winner: Steve Desroches

  Steve's winning photography:


Second Place Winners: Paula Emerson and Cheryl Bouchers

Cheryl's award winning photography below.                                          Paula's award winning "scenes from the past":