Groton Social Night / Town Picnic

August 21st  2008

Groton 'Social Night' a huge success!

By H. Paul Berlejung,  Reprinted with permission from “The Bridge Weekly” August 24th, 2008 edition


Groton - Well over 100 men, women and children were in attendance at Groton's 'Social Night' held August 21st at Veterans Memorial Park in Groton village. The evening saw three events: the rededication of the newly refurbished children's park; an ice cream social/town picnic; and the last of the 'Music In The Park' series for 2008.


Debra Tinkham, Selectboard member and a driving force behind both the ice cream social and 'Music In The Park' spent part of the evening scooping and serving ice cream for those in attendance. With a dozen kids playing in the playground and at least a hundred adults listening to some good music, and all eating ice cream, Tinkham must have been thinking how great it is to live in Groton.


The ice cream was supplied by the law firm of Deborah Bucknam & Associates, LLC, a St. Johnsbury law firm with an office in Groton. Their Groton based attorney, Mary McLeod, helped Tinkham scoop the ice cream.


Local favorite 'Buddy The Clown' was also there for the children. Originally there for the children, Buddy said, however, that he entertained almost as many adults as he did children. Chalk for the kid to use for drawing on the basketball court was also supplied by the Bucknam law firm. Lots of adults took part in the chalk drawing too.


Music was supplied by Brian Emerson & Friends. The 'Music In The Park' series featured local and nearby musical talent in addition to one group from New York City.

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