2006 Fishing Derby


Leaping Success for Young  Fishers


The Fishing Derby organized by Leslee Tocci and Don Schmit for the Groton Recreation Committee was a flooding success Saturday. Despite the deluge of rain, fishing families and volunteers flocked to the shores of Lake Schmit.  More details on event specifics will follow shortly.  For now here are a few pictures. 


Volunteers greeting aspiring fisherfolk in appropriate garb.



Just a sampling of some of the avid fisher folk that showed up to try their luck.



 The day just got wetter but the fish kept biting.



Fishing Derby Statistics

Forty-six children registered for the Fishing Derby May 13th and with parents and volunteers an estimated ninety-four people attended.  Breakdown on ages and town of origin was as follows:

Ages: 2-4 (12 children) 5-7 (14 children)  8-10  (11 children)  11-14 (9 children)

Town: Groton (25 children) Ryegate (10 children) Newbury (4 children)  Wells River (4 children)  Woodsville (2 children) Other (1 child)


Thank you to our many Sponsors and Volunteers!

Volunteers: Don Schmidt, Leslee Tocci, Debra Tinkham, Russell Tinkham, Steve Hart, Buzzy Eastman, Betty Eastman, Kitty Diggins, Eyrich Stauffer, Toby Peters, Craig Darling, Roy Davis, Gail Davis, Bill Kane, Bruce Hale, SkipIrwin, and Lise Shallberg.

Sponsors: Upper Valley Grill, Riverview Market, Patten's Sports, H.O. Taylor, Wells River Savings Bank, Merchant's Bank, Darlings Auto Repair, Groton Garage, Modern Woodmen, Trailside, Washington Electric, Northeastern Log Homes, Dunkin Donuts, Tuck's Press, WYKR, VT Fish and Wildlife Dept., Walmart, and Shaws.