2006 Dick Page Chicken BBQ


The annual Dick Page snowmobile ride in was held on Sat. Feb. 11, 2006.  The local snowmobile club, Buckaroos of 302 sponsor the BBQ.  Each year this event is held at the Groton Town Garage and put on by the Groton Fire Dept.  The Dick Page Ride in was started in 1977.  Dick Page was a Groton boy that moved to Conn. for work but Dick always returned to Groton for his fun and everyone looked forward to his visits.  Dick bought a camp on the Heath Brook Road.  We all remember good times at the camp.  Dick loved hunting and snowmobiling.  When Dick passed away his friends got together and started the first Dick Page Memorial Ride-in that was held at his camp.  Since then the ride-in has grown considerable over the years.  Usually there is an average of 200 snowmobilers that come to the ride-in.   This year we did not have the normal amount of snow for snowmobilers to ride their sleds to the BBQ.   The Fire Dept. BBQ 100 chicken and there were 100 hungry snowmobilers and landowners that sat down to eat together, no leftovers.  The Buckaroos of 302 Club take this BBQ as an opportunity to treat all our landowners to a chicken dinner.  Snowmobilers and landowners get to set down together to express our thanks to the landowners who generously share their land for a VAST snowmobile trail.