About Groton

·             Caledonia County

·             Chartered: October 20, 1789 (Vermont Charter)

·             Area: 32192 Acres

·             Coordinates (Geographic Center): 72°12'W 44°12'N

·             Altitude ASL: 773 Feet

·             Population (US Census, 2000): 876 people, 338 households, 252 families

·              Comprehensive data for Groton may be found in UVM Indicators Online.

Groton is home of the Groton Fall Festival and the Fall Foliage Chicken Pie supper as written up in Family Circle Magazine and in Yankee Magazine. Yankee magazine describes it as "the best small town chicken pie dinner in the world" for 50 years.

Groton is home of 5 state parks in Groton State Forest, one of the largest and most picturesque state forests in Vermont.

Groton, with 10 miles, has the longest segment of any of the 10 towns along the Cross Vermont Trail.

Groton was the birthplace of William Scott, one of Vermont's best known Civil War soldiers, who gained his fame by falling asleep on guard duty, earning himself the epithet by which he is known today, "The Sleeping Sentinel." The young soldier was sentenced to death, but was pardoned at the last minute by President Abraham Lincoln.  For a more complete history, see “The Story of Groton’s Historical Sleeping Sentinel” by Marilyn Hatch-Ruiter.

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